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Story: I want to explain before I share my links. I've been doing a lot of research on clean skincare. I've found that items sourced from Korea, the skincare is a lot cheaper and they have stricter regulations as what is "clean." For example, in the United States you can say something is "Organic"or "Natural" without having to prove it or test it! There are A LOT of disclaimers, check your vitamins, or "medical" items. I'm going to insert some photos from items Iv'e bought from Target, I still use them, but they straight up tell you as pictured below.
This is an example, you see this brand LITERALLY everywhere. It is garbage, like actual garbage for your skin.
They say "96%" natural so you think, "Wow, that's pretty good!" No, awful. Throw it in the trash. 
Some companies will actually pay for the USDA certification label that goes through rigorous testing. They will CLEARLY post this stamp of approval because it means the claims they are making are backed up with TESTING. Same goes for your food, but that's a whole different topic. 
Your skin is the BIGGEST organ, the types of products you use make a difference!
You can also do your own research with a couple clicks on Youtube (which is what I did) and you can see the good results with Korean skincare and its SO much cheaper than Ulta/Sephora. So I've been using it for about two months now and really tell a difference.  
TIPS: Always look for FRAGRANCE FREE, anything with fragrance is going to be IRRITATING also look for ESSENTIAL OIL FREE. Based on what I have discovered with Korean skincare is that those are the biggest culprits for bad reactions and for whatever reason Americans connect the smell of something with the cost. Which basically, if it smells good it must be expensive. Which it IS expensive and the smell is basically used to justify the cost. NOPE!!!!!!
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Beta-Glucan Lotion: 
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CosRx Sunscreen:
IUNIK Calming Gel